The Vault: Your Source for 100% Authentic Sneakers and Apparel

The Vault is an online store founded in 2019 by three friends who share not just a passion but an obsession for rare sneakers and exclusive apparel. It has now become one of the largest online stores in Australia, offering limited edition items. What’s behind the huge success of The Vault?

The Problem with Fakes

One of the biggest problems of sneaker enthusiasts and collectors in Australia and worldwide is the proliferation of counterfeit products. These fake sneakers cost just a fraction of originals, which is the main reason why many consumers patronize them. True sneakerheads, though, know that these counterfeits are nowhere near the quality of authentic branded shoes. But it’s easy to be fooled if you’re shopping online, especially if you don’t know where to look. Any self-respecting sneaker collector is aware that buying counterfeits is not worth it and may even cost you money in the long run because of their questionable quality. This is why it’s always best to shop for a reliable source of authentic sneakers.

100% Authentic Items

You can always count that the products being offered at The Vault are 100% authentic. The guys at The Vault are true-blue sneaker collectors. They are masters at spotting counterfeits, and they wouldn’t let counterfeits be sold at their shop. Before they post anything on their shop, The Vault staff personally checks and verifies all of the products to ensure that they are worth your money. So whether you’re looking for a Yeezy, Nike Dunk, or a rare Jordan, you can be sure that you’ll get the real deal if you get it from The Vault. 

Source of Information

One of the best things about The Vault is not just an online store. It’s also an excellent source of information for anyone interested in rare sneakers and street fashion. The website’s FAQ section is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start a sneaker collection. It provides useful information ranging from how to spot fake sneakers to knowing if a sneaker is a limited edition. Reading The Vault’s FAQ section can save you from making a mistake committed by other rare sneaker collectors. The information you can find there can save you both time and money.

Customer Reviews

The Vault is also an excellent source to find and read reviews from certified buyers of rare sneakers. Reading reviews written by consumers is better than reading those made by so-called experts. With customer reviews, you get a natural feel of what the products are really like. And you can be sure that these people are not paid to write reviews. They just want to share their experiences with their fellow sneaker enthusiasts.

Sneakers and More Apart from rare sneakers, The Vault also has the best brands in Australian street fashion. Here you can see hoodies, shirts, and sweatpants from brands such as Anti Social Social Club, Fear of God, and Palace. The site is a one-stop shop for all of your street fashion needs. So if you’re looking for 100% authentic rare sneakers and apparel, the Vault is worth checking out.


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