How long do wheels last

When people think of their car, one of the first things that might come to mind is the mag wheels Australia. Many cars have unique designs on them, which can cause some people to want to customize their rides with aftermarket rims. Depending on how often you drive your car, this could increase the life expectancy of your wheel by a considerable amount.

Below are factors that determine how long do wheels last

1)Driving style- Hard braking can decrease the life of your tires. So if you tend to do a lot of hard braking, this puts unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. Hard turning will also put stress onto the tire tread.

2)Weight- The number of people in your car at one time changes the overall weight that’s distributed throughout it. Therefore, having more people in your vehicle causes more wear on the individual tires themselves.

3)Rotation– Every 6-10k miles or so, depending on how often you drive, is a good time to rotate your tires for even wear. It’s best to rotate them according to a pattern such as front left / rear right, and then front right/rear left instead of rotating them every time.

4)Tire pressure– Keep your tires at the proper air pressure, or they can explode under pressure, resulting in damage to itself and other parts of your car if it was to burst while you were driving. This is especially important when traveling on highways since there’s more turn movement, creating more stability for the vehicle.

5)Wear indicator bars– These are located on all new cars with regular thin black lines spaced across the tire treads. The tread depth should be even with the bottom of these bars. It would be best to replace your tires once this line gets too close to the top bar because torn rubber will cause poor traction and less grip on wet surfaces leading to an increased chance of skidding and possible accidents.

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